Last night, I had a pair of weird dreams.

The first involved some sort of…chase thing. There were three of us, and we were in a cornfield or something, running from a very large combine. And there was a solid metal wall (like aluminum) in the middle of this field, and so we ran in a hole in the wall, and hid from the combine.

Then we went into this house, and we were hiding from the people who actually lived there. Except I found something that the woman in the house wanted, hidden in a hidden box or something, in the desk. Like, I opened it up, and felt the false bottom, and found whatever it was. There were several bottles of perfume, but I’m not sure if they were hidden or not. Cool bottles, blue and purple.

In the second, I was walking through our neighborhood with my little sister, who turned into someone else halfway through. They were mad because some of the other kids were harassing them, so I gave her some advice, and then we went back towards our house. I think at least that dream was inspired by my thoughts last night about walking around the block.

So….I just have to get through today, and then I’ll have four relatively stress-free days. Bonus.


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