Murder By Numbers

Ultimately a good movie, I thought. I liked the setup, and I liked the initial concept. However, the last half hour of the movie (granted, out of a two hour movie) left me disappointed. It became a ‘How I Would Have Done The Movie.’

I thought Ryan Gosling did a kick ass job in his role, as did the other guy, Edward Pitt or something. However, they each played two different characters. The first hour version, and the second hour version.

The two guys had this weird sexual tension thing that actually worked. However, I think they go out of their way to make sure you get that they’re both straight (at best ‘open’). The movie was only half focused on them. IMO, the focus should have been JUST on them. First off, its more novel. Just following the villain, not the cops. Second, the character development we DO see is meaningless, because there’s no reason to care about the characters.

Third, the stupidity factor. I really hate movies that make a go of having characters that are ‘so intelligent’ and won’t make mistakes. What I really want to see? A movie where the characters do it RIGHT, and the cops catch them anyways. The two guys share looks, are always talking in public, calling each other on the phone, etc. No, because none of that is going to seem suspicious.

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