Stuff on Short Stories.

So…I’ve actually worked on editting some stories. I know, I know, major shock. I sat down last night and today and started going through Eden, adding some lines, fixing a few areas I thought were problematic. I’ve gotta call Leah, but I want to submit it. It’s an amazing story, and I just love how it came about.

Ditto on Connecticut. That story still needs some work, but I think it’ll wind up being a pretty good literary piece. It’s definitely a stretch from what I’m used to writing. So what I plan to do is keep working on both today and tomorrow, and have them each ready to send out on Monday. I’ll have to play around with the spreadsheet program we’ve got, so I can track where I’ve sent a story and when.

And if that’s not enough, I found my copy of the ‘guy going insane’ story. It’s excellent short story material, probably for something like a ‘weird stories’ magazine or something. So that’s three right there. Get those out and circulating, and I’ll be takin the first steps to actually publish.


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