I just had this really intense dream.

There was this little girl, and this family. At one point, I was a member of this family. Apparenlty, something was wrong either with the family, or somewhere around them. The police were after them. They were flying to Florida to find this doctor, who’d gone on sabbatical as a priest or something. Their daughter was sick, and needed his help. And I remember the mother of this family, afterwards, talking about how this other family had spotted them, and recognized the little girl because of her eyes. She said this five or six times during the course of the dream, so it stuck in.

This other family had a son, and for some reason I kidnapped him. He was about my age in the dream or a little younger (somewhere between sixteen and eighteen). There was this crazy girl who I think used to be my fiancee or something equally serious like that, but now she was seriously unhinged. We were watching tv, and I commented on who had dark black hair. So she ran right upstairs and died her hair black, and gave herself the Christina Aguilera perm from hell while she was at it. Like that would make me love her again.

Anyways, I chased after this other kid through a department store, and eventually caught him. I held my forearm over his mouth to stop him from crying, and he like seriously bit me. Teeth all the way in my arm and everything. I took him with me, and was the one who was taking care of him and everything. When I took him to go to the bathroom, he begged me to let him go. So, of course, I did.

I put him in the passenger seat of the car, and we left. I dropped him off in front of the police station, and then went in and confessed to kidnapping him. He came to visit me in the cell, and I remember telling him people were going to say he had Stockholm syndrome. I think that’s the one, at least.

By the time I got out of jail, the little girl was fine again, and everything was resolved. Bizarre.


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