Opening credits: “Somewhere I Belong” — Linkin Park
Best-friend scene: “They’re Not Gonna Get Us” — TaTu
First-date scene: “Total Eclipse of the Heart” — Bonnie Tyler
Falling in Love: “When Dolphins Cry” — Live
Love scene: “When I Kiss Your Mouth” — Meril Bainbridge
Driving Scene: “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” — Smashing Pumpkins
Conflict Scene: “Headstrong” — Trapt
“Life’s Not So Bad” scene: “The Remedy” — Jason Mraz
Heartbreak scene: “There Is No Arizona” — Jamie O’Neal
Post Breakup/Walking in the Rain: “If You’re Not The One” — Daniel Beddingfield
Mental-breakdown scene: “How Do I Deal” — Jennifer Love Hewitt
Confrontation with the ex scene: “Are You Happy Now” — Michelle Branch
Lesson-learning scene: “How Soon Is Now” — Love Spit Love
Jaded With the World: “Flavor of the Weak” — American Hi Fi
Deep-thought scene: “Possession” — Sarah McLachlan
Flashback scene: “Take on Me” Ah-ha
Party scene: “Unbelievable” — EMF
Regret scene: “Full of Grace” — Sarah McLachlan
Death scene: “Tourniquet” — Evanescence
Closing credits: “Bitter Sweet Symphony” — The Verve

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