Can’t Erase Me

The first draft issues continue, and sadly, I haven’t gotten through the Lost Day as quickly as I’d wanted to.  The last two days off weren’t as productive as I would have liked – felt run down and all that.  I’m about halfway through LD so far, and it’s going well.  I’m not too happy with the way the prose is coming out though.  That section’s already tagged for massive rewrites when I get into the first edits.

I’d really like to go back through and start the edits now, just to make sure I’m going into the finale without having set myself up for something I’m not delivering on.  I might end up having to do that if I can’t get back into the groove of things.  I can’t remember if I got this out of it prior to finishing SoE, but I wouldn’t be surprised.  I remember right before I got into the last 40 pages, I couldn’t write for awhile, and it stalled.  Looks like something I’ll just have to keep in mind and plan ahead for next time.

I’m not a writer that works well with an outline.  I tried outlining WE, but there was a lot of stuff that came up while I was writing, as opposed to knowing it was going to happen.  I think that’s the way my brain works, not telling me the important details until I’m actually right there in the middle of the scene.

The overall guesstimate of how long the book was going to be was 70K.  I thought it might go as high as 90.  In going back and revising, I’ll probably add up to another 10,000 words.  I’m hovering just over 56 right now.  By the time the Lost Day is done, I’m guessing I’ll be at around 60.  That’s about right.  

A lot of the focus in editting has got to be with the daily flow.  Right now, there’s social scenes (aka character building) and plot scenes (aka the story) and they’re pretty split.  Need to weave them in together better, and probably flesh it out a bit.  Trey only has a handful of scenes prior to the Lost Day, and since he’s one of the main characters, there’s not a lot of opportunities to explore his personality.

Back to the work week now though.


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