Slipping Away

Been stuck at around 57K for the past few days. I think isolating a number of the problems I already see with the first draft kicked me right out of the ‘writing’ frame of mind. I’m going to pull it open in a little bit, and see if I can get anywhere.

In order to make up some extra money (since it’s getting tight) I picked up three extra shifts this week already, working a total of about 25 hours between Sunday and Tuesday. It was rough, but it needed to be done. I’m glad I did it, as I knew the end goal. I ended up giving up one of my days off, but it was worth it. I guess. 🙂 I still think that people who tip the change to the next dollar need to be banned from all full service restaurant. Same with people who order waters with lemon. Seriously, if you’re going out to eat? Go out to EAT. Servers run around a lot to cater to you, and when you’re making 3.43 an hour to cater to someone, asking for a 20% tip isn’t that outrageous. Especially when you can see it’s a slow day in the restaurant. Ironic, because people tend to be busier if they can see how slammed you are, running around like a crazy person.

I figured out some of the issues that were bothering me from a theme standpoint. Why, if X and Y are true, would the character in question do Z? Stuff like that. It ironed itself out with a little brainstorming session earlier this morning. I find that when I’m stuck, the best thing for me to do is lie down in my bed, turn up my iPod, and just let my mind wander. Some of the best ideas I’ve had occurred to me just in random free thinking like that. Anyway, these are a few of the main issues I’ve had with the WIP so far, and I’m glad I got them out of the way now.

I’m debating between starting on a sequel to WE when I finish the final draft of this one, or work on a new idea I had. It’s too early to seriously think about, but it’s still there in the back of my head.


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