So Perfect In Your Eyes

Finally finished the first draft a day or two before Halloween (I think).  I’m in the process of some fairly intensive rewrites on the novel, which so far are working extremely well.  Moving the story into first person allows Braden’s personality to come alive a lot more, and lets me pull back into his brain.  Sarcasm and the occassional bitchy comment are funnier this way.

I got a second rejection off one query to an agency yesterday.  That amused me.  The agent I sent it to rejected it back in September and then another agent found the query, must have been cleaning out the email box, and sent me a second one.  I didn’t even think to check if it was the same form letter or not.  I don’t think the first one was, so that’s a plus.

I scaled back my work week on the week coming up so I could devote some serious time to editing.  My hope is to get through the first hundred pages by then – I rewrote the first 20 so far, and in streamlining everything and getting it all solid, that’s eaten up a lot of my time.  Once I get back into the real story, and it’s just a matter of changing point of view and adjusting to suit, it’ll start to go faster.

I’m already making notes for the second round of edits.  It’s nothing major, but once I’m done with this draft, I’m going to go back and review all my characters and how they act.  For characters like Lucien, who only have a handful of scenes in the book, I want to make sure that each of their scenes ‘pop’ but also that their characterization is consistent.

WITCH EYES has been a lot of fun to write.  A lot of headaches too.  But I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else with my free time.


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