I Will Break

Okay, I’ve officially changed my mind.  Edits suck.  I’m realizing a lot of things in the beginning (the first fifty pages) isn’t working the way I need it to.  So I’m changing it around, and rewriting most of it.  And quickly, the power in this relationship has shifted from me into the edits themselves.  They mock me.  Knowing that there’s so much to be done.

Okay, so that bit of melodrama is over.  I’ve got a light work week coming up, so I’m glad that I’ll get some serious time to work on the revisions.  Once I get through this new intro, which is already a lot stronger and more detailed than the original with a much better voice (which was the most important part to me), I’ll be in a better spot.  Once I got into the flow of the story, things seemed to work better.  There aren’t as many plot holes and issues later on.  At least I hope not.  I’m sure I could get to that point, and realize that the whole thing needs a whole bunch of work.

My playlist isn’t working for me at the moment.  Some Flyleaf, some Hawthorne Heights, some Madina Lake and Trust Company.  I need some new stuff, stuff that has a strong sound and hard rock infusion, but with lyrics that get me into the right frame of mind.  Something upbeat, most of the stuff that fits pretty good is pretty dark and somber.  Stabbing Westward being the best example here.


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