Nothing Can Stop Me

Edits continue.  The story is much more cohesive now that I’ve moved a few things around.  There’s still a couple I want to get earlier in the story – the comic fanboy supernatural underground gossip guy – and a scene at the Lansing estate.  I think those are really the only two left once I get the rest of this done.  There’s been a lot of rewriting going on – like, a lot a lot.  But thankfully, I’ve got two more days off, and then I only work a half day on Wednesday, and am off until Friday.  So I’m hoping to make some serious progress.  Once I get through the current section, it’ll be a big leap to getting through a lot more – parts of the first day of school are already rewritten, and the rest of it can stay the way it is.

I’d like to stay comfortably under 90K when all is said and done.  It may or may not be possible during this round – the next round of edits, I’m really going to focus on ‘killing my darlings.’  I’d like to end at a more comfortable 80-85, but we’ll see what happens.  I’m not forcing myself to stick to a strict word count, I’m just worried about novel bloat.  So the story will be as long as it actually needs to be.

Braden and Trey continue to amuse me.  Braden’s attitude about everything is so varied, but it makes sense when you really get into the thick of things.  And Trey – he still needs a chance to develop, but there’s a lot of potential there.  The only thing that’s really got me hesitant right now is the magic angle.  Braden doesn’t use it a lot in the beginning of the story – he’s still buying into Jacob’s rules and only uses it in an emergency.  So I don’t have a lot of opportunities to explain the nature of the system.  This may be something I can’t weave in better until I’m done with the rewrites.

I still think my intro scene is incredibly strong.  But I wonder if I should include something else in the prologue, to lay some sort of groundwork for either Jason/Catherine, or the Brandon/Trey issues.  Or maybe do a flashback to Grace, and her involvement with something.  I’m not too worried about it yet, but it’s something that keeps tickling away at the back of my head.


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