Because You Need It

I wrote something last week, a thoughtful and well timed piece about what was going on with the writing, the kind of progress I was making, and all sorts of good stuff. And then I closed the window accidentally.

Edit: And I just realized that Blogger autosaves everything, so the post was just fine. I just needed to actually post it.

I’ve been making some serious headway the last couple days, and now I’m just a few scenes from the climax of the novel. A few things played out a little differently than I expected. And there were a few things that played out exactly as I intended them to. So that was a good feeling.

Drew wound up weaving himself back into the story when I thought he was done and over with. I knew I wanted to do something with him at a later time, and set up an example of what happens when the Dynasties turn against you. But he’s turned out to have a pretty decent supporting role. I’m still not sure about some of it, there’s going to be some editing to make sure he comes across consistently.

I’m actually much happier with a few of the scenes. The second scene with Jason and Braden flows a lot better now, and isn’t so ‘all over the place.’ Plus, there was a great opportunity for some miscommunication that develops between the two of them. It was one of those moments where the words just come out, and I kinda step back from the screen in shock.

The date night/family dinner at Casa De Lansing went better than I could have expected, too. My one concern is that in a few of his scenes, Alan Rickman keeps popping into my head, and I walk away with the worry that Lucien is coming across very Snape-like. Which is totally not his deal.

So today, I’m going to try and get through at least the next big scene, which is one I’ve been looking forward to for awhile. I’d rather just make sure the story is working well, though, so if I don’t, I don’t.

Maybe in a week or so, I’ll have a finished product. Writing yesterday reminded me how proud I am of this story – something more original, the kind of story I wanted to read (which is why I wrote it).


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