Someone asked me a few days ago where I got the idea for WITCH EYES.

See, it’s weird.  With Shadows of Evil, the story had been developing in the back of my mind for years.  With WE, it started out with an idea I had a year ago.  I knew I wanted to do a spin on a Romeo and Juliet type of story.  Forbidden love, star crossed, all that jazz.  It wasn’t until sometime last summer, when I was going outside to work and got blinded by the light, that it started developing more.

Every time I’d leave the apartment, the light would strike and I’d either go back and get my sunglasses, or I’d make sure they were covering as much of my eyes as possible.  Because the light hurt!  And that got me to thinking about people who suffer from photophobia.  I started reading about it in my spare time, just to learn about what caused it, how it affected their daily lives, etc.  At the time, I didn’t quite realize there was a story there.  I just knew it was something that was interesting to me.

And then all those thoughts started to shift around.  What if there was a supernatural cause for it?  What would it work like?  What would they see that other people couldn’t?  How would they cope?  And what if there wasn’t any way to control it, or protect yourself from what you saw?

The thought that cinched it was something along the lines of: who’d stand to benefit from having someone like this in their employ?

And from those two ideas, WE was born.  It changed a lot in the beginning, as I got more of a handle on what the world was like.  Originally, the town was divided by a lot of different groups.  Originally, Braden had a brother.  And he wasn’t adopted, he’d been kidnapped.

But the more I started writing, the more the story started to gel.  Eventually, I went back and rewrote most of the beginning – starting it in a completely different place, changing the backstory.  All sorts of things.

And by the time I was done, I had a story that I really loved.

So that’s the story of Witch Eyes.


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