Save Your Sanity, People

Just something I’ve realized over the course of the last two days.

If you’re in a critical phase of submission, whatever level, and you’re one of those people who obsessively checks your email when you’re waiting for something to come in?  Have a separate, writing-only, email account.  That way, if you’ve got a little icon that flashes to let you know You Have Mail, or you get a wind chime or something (I have this image of Peter Griffin shouting ‘You’ve Got Mail, You’ve Got Mail, Hahahahhaahaha’), you know it’s writing-related.

I have one Gmail account I use for most of my personal correspondence.  It’s also the email that the submission stuff will go through.  So when I limit myself to one ‘check’ per hour, and I go in and see that my little icon thingy is Red, I immediately panic.

And then it’s an email from my mother, asking me why I don’t call her anymore.

Because you email me at inappropriate times, Mom.

So a word to the wise:  If you’re one of Those People?  Save yourself the heart attack and get a separate, writing-only account.  That way, you’ll know at a glance if You’ve Got Mail (hahahahahahaha), or if you’re still waiting.  And trust me, still waiting is a lot better than Random Panic six times a day.


One thought on “Save Your Sanity, People

  1. Hopefully, you didn’t drive yourself too crazy today. I tried to pull myself AWAY from the computer tonight and succeeded! And I couldn’t agree more with having email just for writing. Especially with all the spam certain boxes get–ugh that would drive me nuts.

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