Waiting (Not Tables for Once)

One of the agents bowed out yesterday afternoon, which leaves us with 2.  The final two, as it were.  Ironically, they were my top 2 near the beginning. 

So it’s just a lot of waiting, and while I thought I was good at that, it’s not quite so easy in this situation.  I’m not sure how my friend managed for as long as she did (her wait after getting that first offer was closer to 2 weeks).

I know most people say I’m lucky to be in this situation, but it’s also a stressful one.  Moreso than the normal ‘waiting on a full’ tension.  With that one, at least you know you’ve potentially got weeks or months to go.  All that waiting, for me, is crammed into one week.  That’s not fun!

More news when I’ve got it to give, I’m sure.

And good luck to everyone else out there that’s waiting, whether you’re waiting on your book to come out, your query letter to be read, your submission to be reviewed…whatever. 🙂


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