And Another One

I’ve got another phone call with an agent scheduled for noon today.  Kinda freaked out, to be honest.  I’m trying, once again, to get into ‘author’ mode and be all witty and impressive, but in fact I think I’ll end up being rather low key and unimpressive.

The phone call is with one of the final two, who was also one of my top choices all along.  That’s very surreal.  They didn’t actually use the words ‘offer of representation’ in the email to set up the call, so I’m not assuming anything, but….yeah.  Crazy.

The thing about this situation that bothers me is that I know the point of this is to find the BEST home for your work.  But at the same time, when you’ve got more than one person showing interest, it feels like you’re almost saying “hold on, and let me see if I can get a better offer.”  I get that it’s business, and it’s nothing personal, but it’s hard to walk into a situation you’re not expecting, and not go with your gut reaction.

That’s kinda how I’ve been feeling all week, and at the same point that’s really not what I’m going through.  The first agent is AWESOME and I’d be lucky to be signed by them.  Same with the second.  So it’s not like I’m holding out for a better offer – it’s just that I’m holding out to see what my options really are.  I want to make an informed decision – this is something that’s going to affect my career for years to come. 

So yeah, a phone call today.  I’ll have those pages of “things to ask an agent about” open while I’m on the phone, for sure.  And I’ll probably be a huge dork on the phone – because that’s what I do.


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