Decisions, Decisions

So in waiting for the last agent to get back to me (still waiting, btw), I reevaluated my notes on the two agents that have offered.  And I think my first instinct was right – so if I don’t hear anything by tomorrow morning, I’ll be emailing them back and making sure they’re still interested in representation (it’s been a few days – who knows) and contacting the other agents to tell them I’m either withdrawing my manuscript (in one case) or seeking representation elsewhere (in the other).

Who knew this situation was going to be this stressful?  I sure didn’t.  I thought once an agent offered, it was all smooth sailing.  But if you get a second offer, or you’re waiting on an agent, you’ve got an even tougher decision to make; or you’re stuck in a holding pattern.  And neither are much fun.


One thought on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. As much as it’s stressful, try to enjoy the time. It’s not often you have respectable literary agents battling over your talent.

    I was fortunate enough to have my #1 offer first and I said ‘yes’ on the spot. No waiting for me. 😉

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