2 a.m. musing, for me, is the best time to work out those pesky details that need to be understood in order to work out problem areas.

My problem areas for the second book (which I’m mostly working on for fun now – to keep myself busy) are twofold: I have too much I want to have happen in the book, and that I’m not sure what I’ve got so far is enough to make the book anything but filler.

And that’s really not what I’m going for.  So I went back to the beginning, and examined where all the characters were coming from.  And from the parents angle, I realized a surprising facet that I never considered.  On both sides.

Jason’s angle makes sense, because it was a full half of the character I was trying to flesh out in the first book, that I was almost completely ignoring in the second.  The man is not simply going to change that dramatically.

With Catherine, the idea was surprising.  Leah keeps pointing out that if Catherine is half as smart as she seems to be, she’s going to be playing smarter than she appears to.  (Though she was referring to a different situation – one that, due to the story involved – wouldn’t actually occur to her).  But then I really started to think of things from Catherine’s point of view, and I realized she’s even more devious than I was giving her credit for.

So now I have a better grasp of where the characters are coming from.  Then it’s just a matter of streamlining the plot, and probably taking an element or two out of THIS book, and moving it to the third.

But I’ve got to be at work in half an hour, and I still have a bio to write.  That’s tonight’s goal.


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