Novel Meme

Well, since everyone else is doing it.

#1.  The Scottobiography – (See how I made a play off autobiography? – that’s about how witty this was):  written around age 7.  Still has the best climax ever, in the history of the written word.  It involved a typewriter, and extensive use of the Tab to trail the text down the page, and tell the reader that the End was coming.

#2.  Untitled? – I wrote this one in seventh grade.  It was maybe twenty pages, typed, and centered around a girl with a serial killer brother who was coming after her.  She would dream about him, and the things he was doing.  Yeah, pretty much a dozen different movies and books directly influenced this one.

#3.  The Rings of Alamar – My attempt at high fantasy started my freshman year of high school.  I tried SO hard to make the story original, but honestly it was a mashup of Lord of the Rings and The Belgariad.  Even down to the story starting out with a farm boy.

#4.  The Tetrachs – I started this one around my sophomore year in high school,  and tinkered for it for awhile.  Basically, the main characters went to a high school filled with hidden rooms and secrets that had been buried in them.  Like, serious secrets.  Apparently, there was a whole underworld to this school that no one knew about, but the people who had access to the secret rooms knew some or all of them.  It had a dark not-quite supernatural tone.  I THINK there was a ghost involved.  Or maybe a serial killer.

#5.  Shadows of Evil – The story I tinkered with at least 3 different times.  I started this one my senior year. I  was determined that this was going to be The One.  It centered on a boy and a girl that get moved to a small town no one’s ever heard of, and are haunted by a vengeful ghost of a warlock who was killed hundreds of years ago in Connecticut.  Because Massachusetts and burned witches would have been cliche.  The characters in here (some of them) were riduculously stereotypical.  I still have some of this story, sadly.

#6.  The Crone’s Shadow – I cannabalized SoE and killed off a handful of the characters.  I think there were 9 Main Characters in the first one, but only 6 made it through to this round.  This time around, only Dylan was moving to The Cove, and it wasn’t a warlock ghost, but a witch who was killed, and restored to life a hundred years later by a manipulative woman known as the Lady in Green.  It wasn’t terrible, in fact there were parts I really liked about this story, but this was the first story I actually finished.

#7.  Witch Eyes- I was bound and determined that this was the book that was going to get me an agent.  (And it was).  I knew I wanted to tell a Romeo and Juliet-esque story, and the whole Witch Eyes element just fell into my lap after a few weeks.  Once again, I ripped apart the elements from the last story that I liked, and that worked.  And then I tried a few different things.  This was the first story I’d done in first person, and I think it went a lot better.  I certainly liked writing in first person a lot better.

#8.  Souled – Demonic possession by way of Sumerian mythology, with a modern urban fantasy twist.  The only problem is that Joss Whedon did such a great job with Illyria, that I really wanted to tell a story that didn’t make you think of that at all.  In progress.  Maybe I’ll be finished by the fall.  Who knows?

#9.  Demon Eyes – More of Braden’s story.  At the moment, any writing I do on this is just for fun.  I want to start getting the story out there, and know where it’s going. 

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