Things to Do

If I hadn’t given up my day off to work an extra double at work, I’d planned to get my room cleaned.  Cleaning everything helps me destress and changes my frame of mind.

But now I work a double today, and then close tomorrow and a double Monday.  So any work I really wanted to get done will have to wait until Tuesday.  I’m getting a few little things done today, but nothing strenuous.  I’m really getting into that antsy stage where I want to write, but I’m just not there yet.

I need to get started soon though.  I’d like to make some headway on either Demon Eyes or Souled before revisions come in from my agent.  Plus, by the time we get to the submission stage, I’d like something that will take my mind off of things.

Writing out some of the mythology of Souled from Claire’s perspective helped a lot.  It gave me a better structure for where everything’s coming from.  It doesn’t really affect Jesse’s POV but that story’s mostly separate from the rest.

I’m already starting to think about what I’ll work on once I’m done with these two.  I’ve got a few ideas, but nothing solid just yet. 


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