The City Is At War

My newest favorite song (the title of this post) aka Jade takes Braden clubbing.

I finally have a day off of work, and I’ve got a few things that absolutely need to get done today.  Some mail needs to be sent out (specifically that credit card bill I was determined not to use that much….yeah) and a few errand type things.  Plus, I really want to sit down and get some writing done.  I’ve been making really, really slow progress.  My goal for the rest ofthe month was 10,000 words, and I’ve only hit about 1,000 so far.  So I really need to make some progress on that front as well.

Still have a couple weeks before the agent edits come in, but once they do I’ll have to scale back on the new writing until they’re done. 

Oh, and new word count things, because I saw them on someone’s blog and loved ’em.

Demon Eyes (WE sequel)

Souled (the possession story)


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