It Feels Like You’re Taking….

I’ve been in a bit of a holding pattern this week, on a lot of fronts.  Makes me wonder if there’s some major astrological conjunction I’m aware of that’s putting everything into hiatus.

Work stuff reared up again, and hopefully died down again.  Who knows on that front.  The living situation is still tentative, and a lot of bigger decisions revolve on us figuring that particular one under control.  Waiting on revision notes from my agent, so I can dive back into Witch Eyes and see what I can do to polish it up to a shiny, shiny sparkle.

Since writing out some concept notes for Souled, I’ve pretty much taken a step back.  A couple more different ideas have reared their heads, and I’m not sure what I’m wanting to work on.  I just want something that I can dive into, just to keep myself busy and get that creative urge out and onto paper.  I’m growing kinda partial to this superheroes idea that keeps fleshing itself out in my head.  That, or work some more on Souled – which I keep feeling is like some sort of major archaeological dig.  Every time I think I’ve “got it” then I brush off another corner and reveal another facet to the story I didn’t see.

Clearly, it’s not ready for me to sit down and write just yet.  Maybe soon. 

In other news, my three legged chair and broken down desk really aren’t working for me anymore.  What I’d give to go out and buy a brand new desk and computer chair.  Seriously – it’s the thing swoons were made of. 


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