These Images Burning My Eyes

If this were a Friends episode, it would be called ‘The One Where Scott Worked 24 of the last 48 hours”.  What a weekend.  It was like going to the movies.  There was the slow buildup, the inevitable drama, the heartache, the edge of your seat excitement.  And the denoument, which was really not as interesting as it should have been.

I’ve been in this weird ‘turning things over in my mind’ phase for a few days now.  Like I can almost feel the novel ideas gelling themselves together, and deciding amongst themselves which one is going to finish first.

I’m kinda partial to to the superhero novel right now, but I might continue to work on Souled in the meantime.  At least until I get a better sense of where the story is supposed to start.

Reread a couple of old books in my rare offtime this week, and got reminded again that sometimes the writing can be subpar but if the story is amazing then it really doesn’t matter.  Rereading them with what I know now, I can spot a lot of troubled areas (like the overabundance of adverbs in YA books – sometimes), but the story still sweeps me away and I don’t even notice.

Also, I’m in the process of downloading a wiki onto the laptop to start taking notes on.  What a fun idea!  I saw it on S.E. Ward’s blog (she’s a fellow Colleen client), and followed the link.  My need for obsessive note taking in an easy to manage program!  Who could ask for more??


5 thoughts on “These Images Burning My Eyes

  1. Me. I could ask for more. You know those self feeding cat things, where it’s full of food and it just falls down as it needs to be replaced? I want one for coffee. If you think about it, I know you’ll want one too.

  2. yeahhhh…so here I am wondering and wondering why you haven’t posted to your Blogger blog about the agent, (So I can make the Good!News! post on mine!) and I scroll down to see it’s here.


    Expect said post to be forthcoming soon.

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