All Around Me

I have mostly finished the revised version of the first outline, and made notes onto the second.  Brainstorming with the roommate yesterday helped in some ways – it helped to have that second set of “eyes” as it were.

I’ve got a few loose ends to tie up (and finish elaborating on the ending) but right now it’s a clunky two pages.  My goal is to get the two outlines, combined, down to a little over 3 pages, if not 2-3 pages max. 

My main concern, at this point, is that I’m going to end up putting too much thought into the matter, and end up overthinking it.  The work schedule this week is lighter than I remember (someone out there is looking out for me), so I’ll definitely have the time to get through it.  Hopefully I can finish off the second outline today, then bang out a rough outline for book 3 tomorrow, just in time to take both copies to work and rip them to shreds.

In other news, who knew the Sex and the City movie would be a huge draw for Ruby Tuesday?  Last night, no lie, the bartenders must have made….somewhere between 30-50 cosmo’s.  To understand that, keep in mind that my restaurant is not a big “bar” place – we get bar business, but not nearly what someplace like Fridays or Applebees draws in.  Last night was crazy – groups of women who were going out to see the movie and drink some cosmos beforehand.

4 thoughts on “All Around Me

  1. Wow. I was lucky to get my series synopsis in 16 pages, and it sucked. (I can write a query, and I can write a novel, but synopses consistently push me in the mud and laugh.) Good luck getting it finished!

    Why do frou-frou drinks get so much attention these days? Whatever happened to a good, dry martini? 6 + 1 + olive, Beefeater and the dryest vermouth in the house. That’s a drink.

    • Colleen said 1-2 pages max per book. God, if I had to write a series synopsis of 16 pages too? I think I would cry.

      Well, scratch that. I still might cry anyway. šŸ™‚

      • Mine went over the requested limit. Also, she meant double-spaced, and I’ve always written synopses single-spaced. It got pretty epic. I’m probably going to sit down this weekend and see if I can get the whole thing into ten pages or less, including some things I left out.

        I just re-read that. I’m totally with you on the crying thing. šŸ™‚

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