Don’t You Turn Around

On the outlining front, I went back and fleshed out the climax of book two, and actually ended up with something different than I started with.  It’s funny though, because it actually has a LOT of similarities with the original ending of Witch Eyes, the one that I scrapped when I got to go back and figure out what I was missing with the Lost Day.  I know there was a lot of quips and lines in there that really sucked to cut out of the first book, so I’m going to have to go back through it when I get to that point and see if any of it is salvagable.  But it’s funny, because I wrote the whole thing, and then I realized after I was done how similar it was.  There was one character less in the mix, but the rest of it was nearly the same. 

I’ve got my notes for the third book already started – just a matter of turning them into outline form.  Short night at work tonight, so I’ve still got another hour to work on it now, and then tonight, and tomorrow afternoon and evening.  The goal is to have both of them done by Monday night, and then spend Tuesday going back through to make sure they’re both clear, concise, of an appropriate length (no more than two inches above the knee, if you were wondering), and make sense.

Oh, and that they’re badass.  That is the most important part. 🙂


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