So yesterday, my horoscope said I had big things to work on that would help me in the future.  But I had to put my nose to the grindstone and get it done, otherwise my world would suffer epic fail.

Okay, that’s cool.  Pressure, but cool.

Today, my horoscope says “hey, you’ve got a deadline for an important project.  But go ahead and tread water for a few days, nothing bad could happen!”

Uhm….seriously?  You just contradicted yourself from yesterday.  What the hell, horrorscope?  Why must you mess with my head? 

I didn’t get the third outline done last night like I wanted to originally, but I had some good conversation with the roomie that lead to tightening down my focus a little.  Helped me go back and figure out where I was getting all “crazy” and boil it down to the important stuff.  I answered a couple of those dangling questions I wasn’t sure about, and figured out which direction everything was heading (South, Southwest).

I’ve got inventory in the morning, then I’m off again the rest of tomorrow.  And I might be off Thursday – I can’t remember.  But at the absolute latest, I should be completely done and proofed and revised and sent out by Thursday morning/early afternoon.  I’m shooting for tomorrow afternoon, if I can buckle down and knock most of it out tonight.

So yeah, the last two days have been me obsessing about Springfield, and what’s going to happen.  To the point that I woke up this morning, and tried interpreting my dream to see if there was any secret nuggets hidden in there that would give me answers.

Sadly, no.


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