Now That I’m Unbreakable

I finished!

Yay, homework is done and sent off to yonder Agent for perusal.  I got both outlines done and streamed down to a slimming two pages, which was my main concern yesterday, for the six hours between 4 pm and bedtime.  Yesterday was a BAD day – I’d start working on outline issues, get sucked into where the storyline was going, and look up to see that two hours had passed at some point.  That happened two or three times yesterday.

So finishing today was kindof ahead of schedule.  I wanted to get it to Colleen today, but I was giving myself a cushion of Thursday for sure.  But good for me.  Woo hoo!

Now I can do bad things like watch Top Chef marathons on Bravo, watch Cloverfield and mock it’s badness, or listen to my Braden themesong soundtrack on repeat with no headphones so the roomie must suffer too.

Speaking of, the hardcore main songs for Braden are:

Unbreakable – Fireflight (always)
Ready, Set, Go – Tokio Hotel (Braden’s feelings on Trey)
I’m So Sick (the T-Virus mix) – Flyleaf (the downside to relationships)
Control – Metro Station (i dunno, i just like it).

Just random music updates after a day with too much coffee


4 thoughts on “Now That I’m Unbreakable

    • I’m hoping so too.

      It was kinda nice to be able to look up and realize I’d knocked out a ton of the writing I needed to do. It was just kinda weird to lose whole sections of my day. 🙂

  1. scott, you’re amazing.
    how did you know the plot of
    two unwritten books? my agent wants a short
    blurb about my sequel and i’m so nervous.
    i usually don’t know the whole story
    till i finish writing it. haha!


    • Yeah, I’m usually the same way. I ended up spending most of my time the last few days really hammering out the ideas.

      I wrote and rewrote a second book outline (because I realized things weren’t write) several times until I hit on something that sounded ‘right.’

      Just try to think about where your story could possibly go. From everything I’ve heard, you’re going to have wiggle room if things change while you write it. 🙂

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