Freaking Out

So we’re still on the road – we stopped for a little bit at a rest stop off the highway.  Leah’s acting a little weird – she ran for the bathrooms as soon as we pulled in.  I ransacked the Starbucks next door, and grabbed some chips and stuff from the convenient store.

Everywhere we’ve gone has been a bust so far.  Marley was gone, looks like Henry got her out of there.  Same with my parents and Leah’s – although there was some damage at my house.  Hope my family’s okay…

Cell service keeps cutting out, and I haven’t managed to send more than a few text messages.  Hope everyone’s okay.  We tried to hole up at Sam’s Club – the warehouse thing would have been easy to fortify.  Unfortunately, the zombies had the same idea.  We got some supplies at the Backpackers shop, though the food SUCKS.  And then we thought about the beach but guess what…zombies there too.

So now we’re heading south, hoping that we can hit somewhere rural near Jess and Lee, and hide out until this all calms down.  Or we figure out a better alternative.  The bigger the city, the more zombies there are.  Maybe we should find an old farmhouse like in that movie.

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