Got Them In My Garden Now

Spending the second of my days off getting up early, watching the midseason finale of BSG, and then crawling back to bed.  The fact that there’s a marching band practice across the street really started getting to me, though.  Luckily, I fell asleep after enough tossing and turning.

I had a really strange dream about car accidents and sirens, or something.  It was real enough that it woke me up out of a sound sleep.   For a minute, I thought maybe something happened.  Like when you fall asleep and your alarm goes off, and in the dream you hear a school bell or something?  But there was nothing when I woke up.

School must be closed for the marching band or something, because there’s not a lot of cars across the street at the college.  I really wish they’d send out fliers or something to say ‘hey, guess what?  You’re not going to get any sleep this weekend.’  Between the party they throw in the fall with all the loudspeakers, the construction they’re doing on the new building, and this…it’s really starting to get to me.

Cable went out there for a little bit, but luckily my laptop picked up another signal so I can keep surfing the internet.  It’s kinda quiet outside today.

Must be some sort of half day Friday or something.  Maybe I’ll go see a movie or something.  Get my mind off of submissions and the wait.  Or maybe I’ll just make some progress on the New Idea.  That brings the tally to 3, by the way.  I still have to figure out some cosmological issues for Souled, and I can’t work on that until I figure out the rest of the world.  And I’m not working on the sequel to Witch Eyes until I have some idea of what’s going on with that.

Or maybe I’ll just go back to bed.  Seems like the best kind of day to do that.


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