Random Update

So Friday was Blog Like It’s The End of the World, which I did.  It was fun, even though I kinda died at the end of it all.  

 and I had a little fun with it.  And it prompted yet ANOTHER round of “okay, if there’s a zombie invasion, what would we really do?” conversations with the roomie.  Yeah, we’ve had them before.  And it’s probably not the last time whatsoever.

I wrote up a new Dealing With… post sometime between last night and this morning.  I don’t know why I picked Sunday as the day that I’m posting those, but that seems to be the trend.  I usually work a double on Sunday, so I’m trying to get them in before I head to work.  There may not be one every week, but I’m going to try for a Sunday update whenever I can.  It’s as good a day as any.

And now, a RAQ (rarely asked question): So what are you doing to keep from going crazy while on submission, Scott?

Well, first off, I have to contest the “going” part of that question.  Going?  Seriously?  If you’ve met me, you’d know otherwise.

Anyway, there’s not a lot.  I only think about it forty-seven thousand times a day.  But hey, more than sex, so woohoo for little victories! 😉  I just try to work a lot, and keep myself occupied.  I suggest random shopping trips with Leah where we get soaked by storms that come out of nowhere, watch a lot of television (cough*coughYoustillhaveashotatlove,areyouinterested?), and Facebookstalk people.  

What are some other things?  Well, I’m obsessed with DVD box sets of tv shows, so if I get a new one then I’ll spend days watching as much of it as I can.  I just got through the first season of Queer as Folk.  At some point soon, I want to start watching the first season of Battlestar Galactica too – I got hooked this season, and now I’ve got to go back and see everything that’s already happened.  Buffy is ALWAYS a good option – though I spent a lot of time recently catching up on past seasons of Angel.  Still need to watch the rest of Season 3 – there’s a lot of episodes I still haven’t seen.

And if things get REALLY bad, then I’ll start cleaning.  My OCD will kick in, and I’ll go into overdrive to start making sure everything that could possibly BE in order IS in order.  It only hits rarely though, so usually it’s just minor cleaning sprees that last five or ten minutes until I calm down.

And naps are always a good call.  On my days off, there’s nothing better than waking up, watching an hour or two of Charmed with my breakfast, and then going back to bed until noon or so.  That’s usually how I start my day, more or less. 

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