It’s Your World…Do With It What You Want

I’ve been finding myself with the ‘itch’ the last few days.  Every time I’m on a “break” from writing, just before I start up again I get that restless feeling for a few days before the actual mood strikes me.  Then I start writing like a crazy person.  I think I know what I’m going to be working on, but we’ll see.

There’s no news on the submission front, so I’m trying to stay busy and not think about it a million times a day.  I’m doing pretty good so far – I haven’t been drowning my agent with emails asking for daily updates.  I actually waited almost three weeks.  Go me!  Or something.

I started doing the laundry and the not so enviable task of cleaning my room.  Seriously, you don’t even understand how much my room needs it right now. 😉  Well, maybe Leah does, but that’s about it on my friends list.

All in all, this is a pretty boring update, neh?


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