Weekend Update

It seems like after every weekend, I’m reflecting about “wow, how busy was that?” and yet the next weekend, it seems to amp itself up a bit.  This weekend was no different, but a LOT of that was my doing.  Irony – I was going to go to the Pride celebration in Cleveland on Saturday, but decided that working was more important.  And I’d probably be “too busy.”  Oh yeah.

Friday night:  Fairly normal, went to bed around 3:30 or so.  Finally fell asleep sometime after 4:30.
Saturday @ 9:30: Phone call from work.  Manager didn’t show up, would I go up there and get things together.  So I go in, open the store, and hang out for a few hours to make sure the store still opens on time.
Saturday @ 12: Scott goes home and sleeps.
Saturday @ 5:  Back to work to close.
Saturday @12:  Scott decides to go out to the bar for “a drink or two.”
Sunday @ 3: Home from the bar.
Sunday @ 4:30: Finally fall asleep.
Sunday @ 6:30: Wake up for a work meeting at another store.
Sunday @ 12: Finally get home and go back to sleep.
Sunday @ 4: Back to work as the closing bartender.
Sunday @ 10: Scott decides, once again, that hanging with friends at the bar is a “good idea.”
Monday @ 3: Finally home.
Monday @ 4: Sleeeep.
Monday @ 9:10: “Scott, can you come in for just a few hours?”  “No.”  Zzzzzz.


Monday @5: Scott’s day off, so of course pick up a shift to make extra money.
Monday @10: Party for Nancy, our general manager.  Much liquor and laughs and bizarre Australian/British/Amish accents.
Tuesday @4: Home!

And I think that’s the end of my weekend o’ doom.  It wasn’t really all that doomfull, but there was a LOT going on.  And all that thought of “making extra money”?  Yeah, not so much!  But I’m sure the bar was VERY happy to have me. 🙂


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