The One Before

I think I’ve figured out a few of the troubled aspects of SOULED, and the ideas are slowly tying themselves together.  The reason I haven’t started ‘really’ writing on it is that something, right from the start, struck me as off and wrong.  The mythology behind their world is a lot more complicated than I thought it was – I was thinking it was just a story about this one supernatural element to the world, and everything else was fairly normal. 

So in pondering it over the other night, I realized that that one supernatural element spreads out and would reasonably infect several very different areas.  It’s like saying the technology of the world all revolves around the wheel, but the wheel is the only important invention that matters to the story.  What about all the things that developed as a result of the wheel?  That’s the sort of thing I was wrestling with.  It’s not like Witch Eyes, where I can just focus on one small corner of the supernatural world.  This is a big city story, and it’s got more of a world-focus to it. 

Now once I figure out how it all links together, I’ll have a pretty good idea of where I can start.  Because I think I almost start too late in the story, with what I’ve got already. 

I also figured out how I can use this character that’s been festering in my brain for YEARS.  Well, a pair of characters really.  And I love the kinda twist on mythology that it’s going to let me play around with.  I originally thought she was going to be involved with my first book, but there just wasn’t any room for her at that point.  It wasn’t her kind of story – she’s a high society kind of girl.  She wouldn’t fit in with a small town.  She does, however, have a lot to say and do in Jesse’s life.

So yeah, no actual teasers today.  Because I haven’t got anything to tease just yet.  But maybe, if I’m a good boy and eat all veggies, I’ll be able to have a word counter again sometime soon. 🙂

That is, unless something else comes up (like revisions or something) that takes higher precedence.

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