Because I’m never satisfied with just one or two ideas.  Well, technically three (if we consider the sequel to WE as an option at this point).  I just want something to work on.  Still pondering issues with Souled – a few of the nuggets I’ve uncovered would make for interesting plot points.  I think I’ve got the main points for the A storyline, but it’s that B storyline that’s getting to me.  I’m just wondering if there’s going to be too much if I have Claire’s story in there too.  

My other thought, that I’ve been toying around with involves Shadows of Evil.  Well, it was called The Crone’s Shadow at the end, but SoE was the original title.  Basically, it was WE-lite – just a story to prove I could finish a novel, and smacked of watching too much Buffy.

But I’ve been thinking about it in different terms lately.  Remove most of the magic out of the story, and go back to the roots of the story.  A group of outsiders, in a lot of ways, who DON’T have that awesome magical ability.  And the way they handle getting involved into a supernatural world.  Less Buffy, and more…Supernatural, I guess.  Just not with the hot boys fighting demons on a weekly basis.

It would definitely be a one shot novel, not a series or anything like that.  And it kinda interests me to take that story, and pull back on the urban fantasy elements and turn it into something more like a thriller or horror novel.  Not traditional horror, but more like….John Saul or Dean Koontz?  That building tension kinda stuff.

Basically, that would require rewriting the whole thing.  Sure, there may be sections of the text I could keep, but a lot of the story gets bogged down into something that’s not all that interesting.  I realized, WELL after the submission process, that my MC Dylan didn’t grow an inch during the entire course of the story.  If anything, he was completely static the whole time.  I think that’s a BIG reason for why things didn’t work out with that novel – it’s one of the things I knew going into Witch Eyes I had to work on.

Plus, I could finally kill off Kate the way I meant to in the beginning.  It always bugged me that she managed to live in the end.  I might play around with some ideas, and see where the first couple chapters take me. 

It would be a project I could just play around with a little at a time, while I’m working on a first draft for SOULED.  It might be fun. 🙂

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