Another Random Update

And you know the update is really random when there’s not a song lyric title.

Starting today, I’m throwing myself into SOULED to see how things develop.  I really need to get in about twenty thousand words so I can see if everything’s working or not.  So I’m setting myself a modest 1,000 words a day, and by the end of the month hopefully I’ll crack thirty.  Since I already started with three thousand, that’s I’ve got about four days “off” to play with.

I figured out how the dual viewpoints is going to work, and the solution turned out a lot easier than I thought it would be.  But it’s one of those things that I’m hesitant on.  But once I figured out how the cosmology of the world worked, and how Jesse and Claire’s stories were intertwined, everything started coming together.  Then it was just a matter of sitting on it for a little bit until I knew for sure that things were coming together.  And now it’s writing time.  Hopefully.

Switched up my work schedule so I’ll be in better shape to write on a daily basis.  Going back to the split doubles – I usually seemed to do pretty good if I came home on my break (usually a couple hours) and devoted those to writing.  New schedule starts tomorrow, the only thing that stinks is that I’ve still got another 6 days before I’ve got a day off. 

Nancy, our GM, left for California yesterday, and it bums me out.  We had such a blast on our Wednesday morning adventures through the freezer.  A lot of people didn’t like her, because she was a strong woman, but I got along with her great most of the time.  So it’s really a bummer that she’s not there anymore. 

I probably won’t do a word count every day, just because I’ll probably start forgetting week one. 



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