Review – Lord of Bones

Lord of Bones
By: Justine Musk
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Lord of Bones is the sequel to Justine’s Bloodangel, which came out in Aught-Five.  It continues the story of Ramsey, Jess, Kai and Lucas and shows how the events of the first book have impacted the characters themselves, and the world they inhabit.

Both books are considered dark urban fantasy, and they definitely are.  The stories are dark, the situations the characters get themselves into are pretty serious, and the stakes are high.  The ramifications from the first book lead directly into a flux of new demons slipping into the world and finding themselves human hosts.  Some of them devolve into your typical, mindless monsters, but others have learned to adapt.  Grown smarter, and begun to organize, and many of them are awaiting the ‘return’ of the title character, the Lord of Bones.

All in all, I can’t help but to gush about this book.  You might notice a serious lack of book reviews on this here blog.  It’s not something I ever really intended to do.  But finishing Lord of Bones the other night had me jazzed in a way I haven’t been in awhile.  It’s the dark storyline, the journey of the characters, and the seeds of another sequel that got me hooked and kept me there.  And when I say hooked, I mean all Hellraiser like, with the chains and the hooks and the dark hellish beauty you’re given a glimpse into.

Ramsey, Jess, and Kai have become demon hunters, seeking out the demon-human hybrids that escaped the desert in the climax of Bloodangel.  Ramsey is still growing up, and you can almost see the growing pains in his chapters as he changes from the boy he was at the start of the first book, into the young man he is now.  Jess’s journey into the magic continues, and you get a real sense of the way the magic has eaten it’s way into her life, not just into her body.  Meanwhile, Lucas Maddox is trying to get a handle on his own life.  And all around them, factions are manipulating both them and the events around them in some ways that are familiar from the first book.

I think the thing that strikes me most about these two books is the world building.  Justine has created a supernatural world that’s way, way darker than anything you’d see on Buffy or Supernatural.  It’s like a little Stephen King, a little Hellraiser, and a few choice bits of humanity for flavor.  It reminds me of the first time I started watching Buffy – when I was jaw agape at how Joss and company took many bits of adolescent development, and turned them on their heads with a supernatural metaphor.  Lord of Bones is a lot like many urban fantasy books in that it has it’s real bits, and it’s supernatural bits, but the world that Justine has created is something completely different and fascinating.

So yeah.  I highly recommend this book.  Very, very interesting read.  Maybe it’s not for everyone, but it definitely struck a chord with me. 🙂

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