The One Behind The Wheel

Day off…I can have one?

Today was glorious.  My first day off in three weeks.  No phone calls from work, no getting asked to go in.  Sure, some of those days I’ve gone in have been 4 hour shifts, but seriously?  Going in every single day is pretty draining.

So I enjoyed the hell out of my day off.  I woke up, read my email, had a cup of coffee then went back to sleep.  I did some laundry, did some cleaning around the apartment, and even went for a hike in the woods to clear my head about a lot of stuff.  I love the woods by my house, no matter how I feel, I know that if I can get far enough in where I can’t hear any traffic, everything’s going to be okay.  It’s a nice little bit of serenity – and I haven’t made an effort to get out there in a long time.

There’s this spot, in the middle of the woods, that I’ve always thought of as ‘mine.’  It’s really not.  I’m sure dozens of people hit that particular spot every month or two.  But it’s always been the first place I head to when I get in there.  See, you follow the path into the woods and you kinda trace alongside the little river that’s right there.  Eventually, the river widens, and the path (if you follow the right one) starts going up.  Then you hit this tiny little peak that towers over two branches of the river.  It’s nearly impossible to get to from the other side of the river (and thus the other side of the forest), but it’s super easy if you come from the right side of the river.  Anyway, it’s all shale and stuff at the top, and it’s the only place in the forest that has pine trees. 

Except, when I went there today, I realized quite a bit of the shale was gone.  A few of the trees had collapsed, and even part of the ridge itself was gone.  Must have been all the storms we’ve had the past couple of years.  So it really wasn’t the place I remembered, but even though it’s changed, I still am glad I went there.


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