Excised Souled Teaser

I haven’t done one of these for the longest time.  But since I’ve already cut this segment out of the book itself (tense issues notwithstanding) I figured it was something I could post in good conscience.  It’s a scene that was originally set near the beginning of the book, but it doesn’t flow with the things directly after.  Thus, cuttage.  It’s already on the floor, and I haven’t even finished a first draft yet.  So forgive the lame writing – it IS only a first draft after all.

            “I will burn into you like ice,” the voice in his ears purred, accompanied with heavily remixed background vocals. 

            “Taste your soul upon my lips.”  The sensation of falling was even greater now, slowly floating to the bottom.  The tub wasn’t more than a few feet deep, but it stretched minutes and more downwards.  He closed his eyes, letting his head sink beneath the water. 

            Fingers started tracing along his skin, pressing in at all the tightened muscles and stiff aches that he hadn’t realized were there until the pressure came.

            “Tear away that which makes you hurt.”

            The hands grew more forceful as his legs dangled low beneath him, never quite touching the bottom.  He looked up at the impossible distance to the water’s surface, and the bright orange towel tossed casually over the shower doors.

            “You won’t wake up screaming.”

            The surface of the water rippled, and a face appeared above it.  A man with dark hair, smiling so fondly Jesse forgot they didn’t know each other. 

            “You belong to me.”

            The music cut off, and Jesse’s eyes snapped open.  Above the water once more, the skin along his jaw shivered as it touched the water.

            Just a dream.


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