I started writing a Dealing With… post the other day, about revising.  And then I started revising it.  And then I rewrote it.  And revised again.  The irony?  So not lost.

The apartment is starting to come together.  It’s weird living by myself, but in some ways it’s so much less stressful and comforting.  My silent time is my own again, which is always good. 

Continuing to slowly plod through SOULED.  In talking with a couple of friends, all of whom are in the post-agent, pre-sale nebula of good-stress, it seems like I’m not the only one going through this.  Which is good.  I’m glad to know it’s not just me who’s having trouble getting words on the page.

That said, I’m starting to get into Jesse’s head, and I see where he’s coming from.  Part of my problem, I think, was in assuming I already knew the character.  And that wasn’t the case.  I was approaching things from the wrong perspective.  So I’ve done a little journaling trying to get him to come across, and his personality is starting to take shape a little more.

One thing I’ve noticed, in rereading the stuff I HAVE written the last few months.  Apparently, when I’m blocked?  I draw more heavily on my daily life.  In some ways, the stuff I already had with Jesse was stuff I was going through, albeit in a more allegorical fashion.  Similar issues with friends, jobs, parentals, that sort of thing.  Something I now know to keep an eye on when I’m writing later on.


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