Heads Will Roll

So where’ve I been?

Work, mostly.  See, we had this manager, who was stressing everyone out.  So I had to pick up some slack from her and the other manager (who’s sortof my favorite).  Stressful Manager kept getting worse, and I started doing more and more.  And with everyone going back to school, we were short handed.  We’re slowly getting it under control though – I actually have enough people now to schedule the minimum we need for the front of house.

Maybe another couple of weeks, and I’ll be able to have TWO days off a week.  Crazy!  

In other news, I talked over WITCH EYES with Colleen, and some really useful notes came up in the resulting conversation.  I’ve got a pretty good frame of reference now for what I want to do.  A lot of stuff Colleen suggested, or pointed out was lacking, was stuff I either a) had already written down at some point in the past, or b) something Leah or one of my other beta readers pointed out.  But because so much happens that’s important to the story, and I was worried about my final word count, I didn’t do anything to add to it.  However, Colleen thinks that with the edits suggested, and the stuff I already know I want to cut, I can still hit around 90 and be okay.  It’s at 88 now, and I think I’m only cutting a couple of parts, and knocking that down to around 85.  Then with the little things I’m adding (some are just little references and details throughout the book), I’ll be in good shape.

So I’ve been taking the last few days to really just think about what I’m going into this edit and hoping to accomplish.  I’ve got two pages of notes on what to work on, and where, and I’ve got another page of notes from that phone call from Colleen.  Since I only work a half day tomorrow, and then off all day Thursday, I’m going to try to make some progress on the ACTUAL editting part.

I’d like to have this done by October 1st, but I’m also not going to make myself crazy trying to get everythign done that I need to.

And crap, I’m going to be late for work.  Again.


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