We Will Run

I’m continuing to work through some edits, most of which aren’t so bad.  But I’m finding a discerning need to line edit as I go, and I’m trying to get out of the habit.  Honestly, the prose is fine.  (Or so I tell myself).

A few things I’ve noticed, now that I’ve had some space and distance from Witch Eyes.

1)  I usually consider dialogue one of my strong points.  That said?  There are a few sections of dialogue that are made of EPIC FAIL.  Seriously.  I’m talking "good god, no one I know has EVER talked like that in the history of mankind."  That kind of stuff.  My general rule of thumb is that if I can’t read it out loud and not cringe, then the dialogue needs work.  And it’s really funny, because it’s not whole swatches of conversation.  It’s usually one line, or a couple of lines, and it’s only ever one or two characters (not the same ones).  I think this can be attributed to either not ‘getting’ the character at the time I wrote that particular scene, or some other variable I haven’t determined yet.

2)  While the story stands up stronger than I remember, I have this really terrible habit of Inspiration!(!!!!!!).  Inspiration!(!!!!!!!) is usually when a character (particularly Braden, in this book) keeps Realizing!  The Truth!  About Everything!  And OMGITALLMAKESSENSENOW!  Over and over again.  And then a few more times, in case you didn’t catch it.  The thing is, the scenes I’m referring to?  The information is all there anyway.  It’s not like it’s any great leap of insight.  But I keep acting like it is.

3)  I blame my agent, and my ex-roomie for the fact that I can no longer refer to the name of the town without thinking of The Simpsons* in my head.  Originally, my goal was to kindof have an Everytown vibe.  This is the kind of city that could exist anywhere, in any state.  But as the novel progressed, that’s really not the case.  So I spent a few days mulling over ideas, and then I made a list.  And with that list, I ranranran over to the thesaurus, and started looking at synonyms.  Low and behold, I found something that became the new name of Braden’s town.

* In case you’re wondering?  Everytime the name Springfield comes up in the book now?  I flash to the opening creditswhere they sing out "The Simpsons" and zoom into Springfield.  Every time.

4)  I have a couple scenes that stick out, that I knew something was funny about, but couldn’t figure it out.  With some of the changes I’m making?  It works a whole lot better.  I’ve got two in particular I’ve got to rewrite, and at least one is moving sooner in the book, but it’ll make things a lot stronger in the long.  The scenes themselves accomplish what I need to accomplish, but just not at the right time.  Thus, moveage.  

5)  And finally, I think I’ve figured out a few things about the ending.  See, this is ending 2.0.  And much like ending 1.0, there was something about it I just didn’t like.  It kinda feels like when a train goes off the track, and just keeps rushing down the dirt road.  You know it should be on the track, but you’re not quite sure where it fell off.  Now I’ve got an idea of how to fix that, and I think it’ll clean the ending up nicely.

And that’s about it.  I’m still shooting for a good of ‘end of the month’ because I want to get some crit-feedback before I send it off to Yon Agent.  (Why did I start referring to her as Yon Agent anyway?  Got me.)  Oh, and I"m still working crazy hours.  it’s fun, really.  If anyone tells you working 1-1 in a restaurant on a Friday isn’t a great time?  They are SO lying.  (Or you’re not understanding my sarcasm).


6 thoughts on “We Will Run

    • And deny you the chance to be in utter and total suspense until I reveal it?

      Of course not. Don’t be silly! 🙂

      Besides, I have a scene I really want to get written that plays with the name of the town. So I’m not doing anything until I get through that.

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