Before I Come Undone

I’m not as far along in the edits as I’d like to be (for my own sanity) but paying the bills is becoming slightly more important.  I know, priorities, right?

I’m in the middle half of the book, and there’s a bunch of shifting going on.  One of the problems I was having with the story was because of the pacing.  Not the pacing itself.  Just the fact that because I was trying to keep things moving, and keep things "balanced" the setup in a few scenes is really…weird.  So what I did was take a handy little sheet of paper, and sketch out a list of each day the story takes place, and the list of major events that happens on those scenes.

And what I noticed is that on two of those days, if I shifted some of the scenes around (and in one case changed the first half of the scene to better reflect what’s going on) then things should progress a lot smoother.  For example, there’s a major actiony scene that takes place on a Thursday.  And the effects of it continue on through Saturday.  But in the middle of Saturday, there’s a scene where Braden’s having coffee.

Really?  The world’s about to end and you’re stopping for coffee?  It just didn’t make a lot of sense.

But by blocking it out, I can see how things should progress in a different way, and think that should alleviate some of my concerns.  Plus, it’ll give me some nice downtime before I really get to mess up poor Braden’s little world.  Which is always, always fun for me.

Still haven’t come up with any really fun snippets in editting the last two days.  But that’s mostly because the section before this was pretty okay. 

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