Almost Breathe The Air

Okay, so I’ve jumped ahead from the scene that’s been blocking me for the last four or five days.  Yesterday and today I went back through and did some tweaking on all the important scenes with two characters, and got their stories straight.

That’s the problem with me revising.  I tend to forget who knows what and when.  And then when I change things, it messes up the whole flow.  But now I think I’ve got the first half of the book more solid, (except for that pesky Chapter 1 that’s been bugging me) and most of those little setup details in place.

My goal for finishing the revision was tomorrow.  Yeah, that is SO not going to happen.  While I’ve already jumped ahead and revised two of the bigger scenes in the second half, I still have the whole rest of it to get up to par.  So I’m technically about halfway, and realistically more like 2/3rds of the way.  But I’ve actually cut around 3,000 words so far from my original total.  But since I still have scenes to add in, this will likely change as well.

On the To-Do List: (Aside from normal revisions)

Going back through the magic stuff again.  One last time, and make sure it’s clear.
Clean up the Witch Eyes stuff.  It strikes me as a little ragged.
Lucien is made of awesome (that’s not a to-do, but I just had to say it somewhere)

That’s really it.  I fixed a lot of the things that I wanted to fix, and I took Yon Agent’s suggestions and got a lot of those changes started (and coherent) for the first half.  But I keep going back to that magic stuff.  I just want it to reak of awesomeness.  And I think it’s only like 70% there.

Okay, so I’m back to it for a little while longer, before work.  This update has been brought to you by a ridiculous overabundance of coffee and vanilla caramel creamer.


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