Okay, so the last two days have been full of frenetic energy.  I had last night off, and all day today.  Oh, and I made enough this weekend to pay my rent, so the pressure’s off for another few weeks.  If anyone tells you that restaurants are doing okay in the midst of this current crisis (and people for some reason KEEP telling me this) let me explain to you that no…they aren’t.

I didn’t realize until about an hour ago how long the climax of the book is.  Like…yeah.  I made some headway in the scene that’s been blocking me for a week, (for those keeping track, I jumped ahead and kept going without it – I know the gist of what had to happen).  And today I kinda figured out how to get the climax back on track.

So I started pounding away.  I got through thirty pages before I realized I was still reworking.  And only 9 pages left to go.  Mind you, there’s like pre-climax, actual climax, and other stuff in there.  So it’s not just a 40 page action scene.  But I’ve got most of the hard stuff out of the way.  Now just for the magical showdown.  But sadly, all that hard work petered out when I realized I had to be up at 6 for work tomorrow.  And I still haven’t ironed my shirt!

Stupid work.  Always interfering.

Hopefully, I’ll have a happy update this weekend, about how the revisions are done, and I can finally stop stressing out about them.  We’ll see how that goes.

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