Another RAQ

If you could hang out with any member of the Scooby Gang, who would it be?

For all intents and purposes, we’re going to assume this is the real Scooby Gang, and not the Buffy group of the same name.  So, if it all came down to it, I’d probably want to hang out with Shaggy.  Because honestly, if anything weird happens, you look like a total badass next to him.  Plus, he’s random and probably high a lot of the time.  And making fun of people is always better when they don’t get that they’re being made fun of.

Plus, he probably knows all the best places to eat.  And that’s always a huge bonus.


One thought on “Another RAQ

  1. Well… I was married to Velma. (Actually Velma was my grandmother’s name, and she was unlike the character, but Penny was a lot like the character, including the scary-smart and the blind-without-glasses.)

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