New Year, New….Stuff

So first things first.  I’ve been extremely lax with updating the blog.  I’m going to make an effort to start changing that up, start commenting more on other people’s blogs, etc.  Work in progress though. 🙂

Lets get the personal stuff out of the way first.

So work’s been fun.   A few months back, my roommate moved out, and I started having double the expenses (roughly) every month.  Then the economy crashed.  And working as a waiter, and depending on tips, it got a little rough.  My last couple months has been frantic with trying to keep my head above water (which I have, for the record.  That’s why you’re seeing this blog post).  Thank goodness income tax season comes soon.  That’ll be a big help.

Aside from other work drama, I’ve got a friend who’s leaving for Iraq at the end of the month, and all the drama associated with that.  So I’ve been keeping him in my thoughts, and just kinda…doing the social thing before he goes.  That sort of thing.

2008 was, by and large, one of the best and worst years of my life.  I lost a few family members, lost a few friends, and lost my way a few times.  But I also made lots of strides in my writing, found an agent, made some new, really good friends, and all that.  So it’s kinda even on the scale.

On the writing stuff, I’ve been playing around with two other ideas, trying to put words down to see where they’ll take me.  Neither one of them has grabbed me and said "you must write me right now" the way Braden did.  But I got a good start on both of them so I’ll have something to go back to later.  In the meantime, I’ve been working on Demon Eyes (the tentative title to the tentative sequel) and getting the setup down.  But after thinking on it a few times, I think the beginning actually starts a little earlier.  So I’m working on a new intro, which is actually kinda fun.  We’re getting to see just what sort of reaction Braden gets now that people are starting to Figure It Out.

My only real concern is deviating too far from the outline I sent Colleen.  I realize that people deviate from their outlines all the time in publishing, but usually what happens with me is that I realize I’m going down a completely different path than I should.  So I have to go back and rewrite.  And that could change the entire tone of the book.  But I’m not going to let that get me too down.  It’s like worrying about the milk that hasn’t spilt yet.

And then finally, other news.  Witch Eyes is out on submission again, and I’m starting to get incredibly nervous.  I got to read the pitch letter my agent was sending out, and let me just tell you how freaking cool it was.  My first thought was "Oh my god.  That’s my book!  Right there.  That’s my book!"  And Colleen did a great sell of the book, going back to our first email conversation about it.  Way back in April, she mentioned that the book reminded her of "Smallville meets a gay Romeo and Juliet."  And it’s such a good fit, and good way to describe it, that I was totally stoked to see that line in the pitch letter.

Okay, so that’s my life in a nutshell, more or less.  What’s up with everyone else?


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