Goals for the Year

So I figured it made some sense to post some _reasonable_ goals for the next year.  And yeah, I waited over a week so I wouldn’t suffer from the New Year’s jinx.  I tend to do that.  Create a resolution, then stop following through with it by February.

This year’s a mix of different things.

1)  Lose another 15 pounds.  I lost almost 30 last year, between June and October.  So I surpassed my goal by 5 pounds. So my goal for this year is to clock out on New Year’s Eve at a leaner 200 lbs.

2)  Finish a solid first draft for Demon Eyes – book two of Braden’s misadventures as the lost Charmed sister. πŸ˜‰

3)  Pick one of the six stand alone ideas and finish that book (probably in the second half of the year).  I’ll sit and stew on them while telling Braden’s story to figure out which one I want to work on next.  Just to have something to do.  I was a huge slacker with writing this year, and I really need to gear up and get my butt in gear.

4)  Finish getting myself out of debt.  About halfway there, but still got a ways to go.  

5)  Get a new computer – one that’s not going to start crapping out on me as soon as I get it.

6)  Quit smoking.

7)  Keep making more of an effort to blog and keep in touch with other authors.  That networking thing, baby.

So yeah, that’s my list.  Some of them are more long term, and others are pretty reachable.  I’m thinking about doing a monthly update post just to keep myself on track for where I am with all of them.

Anyone else set goals for this year?


5 thoughts on “Goals for the Year

    • Actually, it didn’t. The smoking is still a work in progress.

      But the 30 pounds was in large part due to just buying different foods to eat at home, and eating more salad and drinking water at work. So I spent about the same on groceries.

      I just used my tax refund last year in better ways than usual. Who needed a Wii? (I did!) 😦

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