I’ll Seek You Out….Flay You Alive

Sunday was one of the longest days ever.  I worked a ten hour serving shift, and had approximately 60-80 tables over the course of the day.   It was good money, don’t get me wrong, but it was just SUCH a long day.  Crazy.

Today’s going to be another long day, I’ve got to go in at 2.  So I’ve been trying to get some stuff done around the apartment, and make time for writing at the same time.  Coming back to Braden’s story has been a lot of fun, and seeing him fall into some of the same traps as the first book makes me enormously gleeful.

I’ve got another idea for a Dealing with post that I just need to find the time to work on.  It’s pretty timely too, all things considered.  There’s been some stuff in the works that I feel weird talking about, so I’ve tried to keep my mouth shut rather than jinx it.  

On the New Years goals, the only thing I’ve made any real progress on has been the work on Demon Eyes.  I realized a better way to intro the book, so I moved Chapter 1 back to Chapter 2, and then started writing the new introduction.  Sadly, the original Chapter 2 now has to go, as it doesn’t work.  So that’s about 3,000 words to start my Snippets file.

Usually, when I write, I start a folder and a rough draft copy.  Then, when I start cutting, I start a snippets file in case I need anything that’s already gotten cut out of the book.  I’ve still got a really great Braden/Catherine scene that didn’t make it into the first book that I’m holding on to.  Then, every time I start revising, I save a new copy of the file.  With WE, I ended up with about 40 different files on my laptop.  Luckily, I’ve only got 2 files for the sequel right now.  But I’m going to work on my naming conventions this time around.

For example, when I’m done?  The file gets saved as "Title Final".  But what if there are more edits.  "Title New Final."  "Title The Really Final Final"  "Title FINAL" (all in caps makes a difference).  "Title Final Final."   So yeah, when I was looking for a copy to send out a few months ago, I realized it was the wrong copy.  And I have a feeling that last minute scan for spelling errors and word errors?  Was done to a previous version of the manuscript.

Yeah, that was fun. 😉

Okay, so back to writing. 

2 thoughts on “I’ll Seek You Out….Flay You Alive

  1. lol I have the same problem with naming files. On my last book, I started having to add the date after Title Final Draft. I now have a Title Final Draft May, Title Final Draft July, and Title Final Draft November. And I’m not really sure which one of those is the real final one because sometimes I change things back to the way they were. Confusing, I know.

    On my current WIP, I’m going with Title v1, v2, v3 etc. Only problem is, my title keeps changing.

    • I think for this one, when I’m revising, I’ll do subfolders. Draft 1, Draft 2, etc. And then the polished draft I’ll put in it’s own folder.

      Organization (or OCD) for the win!

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