No Need For Words

Okay, so I just got done watching the inauguration address.  And I’m just so impressed.  Maybe it’s because I’ve spent the last year every time I had to hear the President speak.  Plus, the speech was amazing.  Obama really can talk.  It’s always fascinating to listen to him.

Work on the sequel continues.  I’m at a point where I need to go back, now that our little contest is over, and flesh out a couple scenes.  I’ve already got my major scenes blocked out and hung up on post-its on the wall for editing time.  I know the beginning’s going to go through some serious overhaul.  All the pieces are there, they’re just not in the correct order.

My personal goal for the weekend was 6,000 words.  And I actually hit 5700 amidst a pretty chaotic weekend.  Normally?  That’s not a problem for me.  I used to average 3,000 word days easily when I was writing the first book.  But I let myself get out of practice.  So I’m just focusing on the words, and getting the scenes out there.  I figure I can go back and do a heavy revision the first time around and eliminate most of the suck.

Saturday was a bit of recovery, since I had a party to go to on Friday night.  And Sunday I had to go and watch the store for 3 hours, I took a 2 hour brain break to watch The Village (so underrated!) and I wound up sleeping in until almost 11.  We’re talking about doing the word war again next week, but I really need to check my schedule and see if I’m really off the days I think I am.  I might have to pick up some shifts just for the money, so if I can do that earlier in the week that would be great.

And the return of the word counter!

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
17,751 / 90,000

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