Sometimes Goodbye is a Second Chance

God likes to laugh at me.

I swear, somedays I feel like that. Leah and I have this theory: anytime something good happens to one of us, the scales balance themselves by something bad happening to the other. It’s just worked out like that thus far.

So while Leah was signing with her amazing agent (congrats!), I was busy dealing with a visit from a Vice-President at work (always a big deal), and trying to figure out why my computer decided to bite the big one. Taking with it almost everything (except for a few paragraphs I’d saved on Google Chat) that I’ve written over the last two years.

Including my WIP.

So yeah, it was a rough one. Somehow, I’m not sure what I did exactly, I managed to SAVE all those files, and my work.

I was okay with losing the work, in the grand scheme of things, because at least I had a fully formed idea of where things were going. And how everything was fitting together. So while it would have sucked


One thought on “Sometimes Goodbye is a Second Chance

  1. Ouch. My computer also bit the big one this weekend, but it’s looking like it’s probably not a data loss. Good to know that (at least if I read it correctly) you managed to get things back.

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