Well, what else would you call it?

I’ve tried to stay out of the whole thing. I read the thread the other night, after a good 200 posts were already up. And wow. Whoever said the agents did it with more tact were totally right.

See, there’s a difference between venting, and just spewing bile. And in a lot of cases, that line got crossed. I didn’t even know what to say in regards to it, I was so uncomfortable. Still am. I don’t care who you are, or what your experiences you’ve gone through. Bad behavior does not condone worse behavior. An agent not responding to your query is not an excuse for spreading spite across the Internet while hiding behind an anonymous tag. There were a number of people who managed to make their points without such hostility, and those were the only posts that were really interesting to read.

For the record, my agent’s kinda awesome. Except scratch out that kinda. She could have stopped submitting my book when the first round all passed (which I’ve heard stories of other agents doing). But she hasn’t. She’s tireless. Plus, she never hesitates to make me laugh at least a dozen times when I talk to her on the phone. And I just know she’d be a great time to go drinking with. (Which I will do someday when she’s made me insanely wealthy). šŸ˜‰

And I think everyone’s just jealous. Yeah, that’s it.

Colleen ftw.


One thought on “#Failgate

  1. I agree heartily on Colleen FTW. She’s been working with me for over a year to get my book beaten into publishable shape. It’s lost 50% of its original length, and we’re just now getting to the home stretch. After the “it’s not ready, too bad, so sad” rejections I got in the past, that’s a HUGE example of going above and beyond.

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